The Industrial Safety and Health Law makes it mandatory to measure the working environment, according to the work done there, in indoor workplaces that handle harmful substances. Our specialized staff, including certified Class 1 working environment measurement experts, provides consulting services on how to measure and improve the environmental quality.

Our Service

■Working Environment Measurement in Office

Airborne Dust・Carbon Monoxide・Carbon Dioxide・Temperature・Relative Humidity・Air Stream・Formaldehyde・Intensity of Illumination

■Atmospheric Environment

■Mineral Dust

■Organic Solvent

47 organic solvents are enforced to be measured periodically once every period within six months.

■Specified Chemical Substances

This is an indoor workplace that manufactures and handles regulated chemical substances that are suspected of causing ailments such as occupational cancer, dermatitis, or neurological disorders. Measurement is mandatory for 43 chemical substances.



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