Various quality assurance standards are required in the pharmaceutical, food and other manufacturing industries, including ISO22000, HACCP, AIB, ISO13485, ISO22716 and FSSC22000. These standards are all based upon GMP. GMP requires the construction of a system that incorporates the unchanging 5S principles or the 7S principles of food hygiene management.

Cleaning and pest control based on guidelines to prevent medically-related infections are required in medical facilities. These include the guidelines issued by the Japanese Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, the CDC(US)and the DH(UK).

We design systems for manufacturing and medical sites that prevent product contamination or quality degradation and guarantee the maintenance of a pleasant, high-quality environment, and we provide cleaning, sterilization and washing, and pest control.

  • Hygiene Management
  • Pest Control
  • Medical Environment Care
  • Bird Control

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