Hygiene management is based upon the 5S principles. Amongst these, it is hard to standardize cleaning tasks, since the quality of such work is not uniform. SANIPRO has standardized such work via color-coded cleaning materials and equipment so that the work area is obvious at a glance, standardized cleaning techniques, standard operation manuals for each work place, and checks and corrections of both results and procedures by members of our Quality Control Department. We provide reliable, high-quality cleaning on a daily basis via cleaning plans appropriate for the special characteristics of each workplace, and our standardized procedures and techniques.

The cleaning of general business premises has different objectives and is of a different quality from that of facilities involved in pharmaceutical manufacture, food manufacture, healthcare, and distribution.

SANIPRO constructs, maintains and manages systems that conform to the varying cleaning objectives and quality required in locations ranging from general-purpose buildings to super-clean facilities.

Our Service

■Daily Cleaning Service

We provide amenities, hygienic environment and facilities preservation.

■Periodical Cleaning Service

Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Height Cleaning, Facility Sterilization and Disinfection, Cleaning of Processing Equipment, Anti-Mold Treatment

■Sanitation Seminar

We provide hygiene and sanitation seminars.

■Sales of Janitorial Equipment and Supplies


Outstanding Features


S-Mopping Technique, Frequent-Contact-Surface Cleaning, Dust Control, Off-Location Cleaning

■Exceptional Designed Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

System Trolley, High-Tech Mop, HEPA Vacuum, Cleanroom Mop

■Custom-Made Cleaning Specification and Schedule on demand

■Quality Control

Frequent Inspection and Quality Improvement, Periodical Cleaning Stuff Training


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