Pest contamination is a serious problem that endangers human health and threatens public trust in a company and its brand image. Building a pest control system makes possible countermeasures and improvements such as working out the vulnerable points inside the facility and taking steps to prevent an outbreak, and it helps to reduce the risk of contamination. SANIPRO offers a pest control system that will maintain product quality and boost employee awareness of hygiene and sanitation.

Pest Management (PDCA)

Plan ●Inspection and Monitoring ●Planning of Annual Pest Management Strategy

Do ●Analysis ●Identification of Pests

Action ●Prevention and Control of Pests ●Improvement of Facilities ●Report

Check ●Evaluation of Control Methods

Facilities need strict Pest Control

Medicine and Medical Supplies Manufacturer
Food Processing Facilities
Hospitals, Nursing Home, and etc.
Warehouse, Distribution Center, and etc.

Other Pest Control Services

Identification of Contaminated Pests
Lawn Care
Rodents Control
Sale of Pest Control Products and Supplies
PLB(Point Living Break)Treatment = Dismantle and reassemble infested machines to exterminate pests.


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